Jay Williams Designed the
Prestigious Andrus Award

The original award was designed in 1978. Twenty five of them had been created until 2004.
(See Below)

The award was designed of gold plated silver and stood six inches high on top of a custom made rosewood base.
Each award was individually hand crafted.

The Andrus Award, named in honor of the late Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus, who founded the National Retired Teachers Association, is presented biennially to distinguished individuals whose achievements exemplify the contribution of older Americans to our national life.

Dr. Andrus' pioneering efforts in mobilizing the nation's elderly for service to community and nation have enabled millions of older Americans to demonstrate her philosophy that
"age is not a defeat, but a victory; not a punishment, but a privilege."

Recipients of this award have been nationally recognized individuals who have made significant contributions to society.


Gro Harlem Brundtland, MD MPH

Dorothy I. Height


Shirley Chisholm
Advocating and caring for people in her
community and the nation

Eileen Ayvazian

Mabel Clare Proudly

Oseola McCarty
Champion of Black Education

Ethel Armbrust
Advocate for People with Developmental Disabilities

Father Joe Carroll
Organizer and director of St. Vincent de Paul Village
Programs for the Homeless

Joyce Oatman
Director of Tilden High School (Chicago)
Talented and Gifted Program

Sister M. Isolina Ferré
MSBT, Missionary and Founder of
the Sister Isolina Ferré Centers

Dr. Henry Viscardi, Jr.
Founder, Abilities, Inc., a company run
entirely by severely disabled workers

Robert M. Ball
Former U.S. Commissioner of Social Security

Clara McBride Hale
Founder of Hale House, refuge for drug addicted
babies and infants infected with AIDS

Ruth Lana
AARP Founding Member and Educator

Hugh Downs
Writer and Broadcast Journalist

Dr. Lena Edwards
Physician and Educator

The Honorable Jacob K. Javits
Former Senator, New York

Commodore Grace Murray Hopper
U.S. Naval Reserve

John B. Martin
Former U.S. Commissioner on Aging

The Honorable Jennings Randolph
U.S. Senator, West Virginia

John Gardner
Former Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare
and Founder of Common Cause
(AARP Convention)

Ester Peterson
Former Special Assistant to the President for Consumer Affairs
(NRTA Convention)

Dr. Arthur S. Flemming
Former Commissioner, Administration on Aging
(AARP Convention)

The Honorable Claude Pepper
U.S. House of Representatives, Florida
(NRTA Convention)

Dr. Margaret Mead
Anthropologist and Author
(AARP Convention)

Dr. Lawrence G. Derthick, Sr.
Educator and former U.S. Commissioner of Education
(NRTA Convention)

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